The important 3 benefits of having a great marketing graphic design.

  1. Increased conversions:

Customers want your products to be served to them. If your design and pitch are way too complicated, your potential customer will not go the extra mile to decipher it and understand the value of the product. 

However, a design combined with the pitch or a pitch visualized by design will put an instant interest in your potential customer. Once you have their attention, the rest of the marketing designs will reel them in.

To put this into perspective, let us look at a rather interesting comparison. Take a look at the image below.

The image signifies the importance of maintaining engagement with your audience the whole time. A rather blunt “continue” looks shady over the “continue to step 3,” which is more specific. Also, the microcopy ensures the customer that “things will not go wrong.”

A marketing team alone would give you the textual content, and a design team will provide you with the blunt continue button. The result will be the CTA button on the right. However, both teams working in sync will give you a CTA button, which looks like the one on the right.

  1. Building trust:

Customers are always skeptical about buying your product because they do not want to spend their hard-earned money on a product they think is worthless.

It is here that trust-building plays a lead role. Maybe, clarifying your policies about the product, like the return policy, will give them confidence and make them “try-out” your work.

Also, people are conscious of the detailing that go into the product description, which should be considered. However, your user’s manual’s wall poster will not help, so you need a marketing design that can speak to your audience every vital thing and gain their trust.

  1. What does the customer get? 

When someone spends money on something, they expect their money’s worth or more. So, if you can communicate that “worth” to your customer, voila, you have made every viewer a customer.

So it would be best if you focused on incentivization. What benefits does the customer get if they purchase your product is a question that matters to them. You might feel that “the better the incentive the better your sales are going to be” however, the better the incentive and the best way you present, it will convert, not the first one alone.

Excellent tips to make a marketing design that will convert!

  1. Simplicity and cleanliness:

Let us say that your product has yet to become a “brand”. In such a scenario, go for a simple, clean, and diverse design with the ideal pitch. This will help you build trust in your initial stages of expansion.

Here, the general rule of thumb is that do not use too much graphic and textual content on your design element, say a banner for online advertisement. A “messy” flag will look shady, especially if you are a new brand.

  1. Contrast, use it wisely:

Your potential customer is browsing through the web, searching for something unrelated to your product. When your banner is displayed in such an occasion, your design should be capable of distracting the customer and lure him/her into your banner or advert! And to do so, you can make use of “contrast.”

What does it mean? If your design blends well with the web page or other adverts, then the chances that the customer will notice your advert are remote. Instead, if they look different and attractive, it will grab their attention. So basically, you are getting a high rate of impression for the top bucks you are paying your advertiser. The conversion part is coming up.

Size, color, alignment, repetition, proximity, whitespace, and texture are some of the elements that will help you establish this contrast.