10 Indicators That It's Time for a New Website or a Website Redesign

What Is a Website Makeover?
When businesses start a website redesign project without giving it much thought, they often find out how much work is required after they have spent time and money on the project. According to the truth, no company that has a website should take it lightly. The decision to build a new website needs to be a well-thought-out one that makes use of available data to put the company in a better place to meet its revenue goals in the future.

Many businesses confuse a website refresh with a website redesign when they need to make changes to their website. A company's new website should look very different from the old one when the process is done. When you do a website refresh, the site's code and functionality stay the same, but some of its features change. Website refreshes can include things like changing the company logo and getting rid of old content on the site. Businesses that want to make changes to their website usually do so for a few of the reasons below.

  • New products or services can be added.
  • Getting a certificate for SSL
  • Updates to the brand
  • Mobile responsiveness can be improved.
  • Social media platforms that work well with the company's
  • Every time the server makes changes, you will see them
  • Technology improves the design of UX.
  • There are changes made to the look of a website
  • The reasons for a website redesign vary from business to business, but marketing departments often say that they want more sales and a better user experience are the main motivators.
  • When a website is changed, what are the benefits?

A company's brand identity can change over time, even if the company does everything right. This is easy to understand when you think about how many people work on the website and they may have different ideas about what it means to show consistent brand imagery and messaging. Another thing that can make a company's brand identity look different is when a lot of people leave. Creating a new website is a great way to make sure that customers see the same branding on all of the different parts of the business. Other benefits of setting up a new website:

The chance to come up with a better way to manage content.
When you start a new website, it's a good time to think about new keywords and phrases for search engine optimization (SEO).
Users expect your company's website to work the same way no matter what type of device they use to get to it. Companies that are updating their website need to make sure that it is mobile-friendly so that they can get as much traffic as possible. To do this, programmers need to think about the size and resolution of the screen when they add new features.
Users have a better overall experience when a website is successfully redesigned.
Site speed is one of the things Google takes into account when it decides what to show people on the results page of a search engine (SERP). The faster your company website shows pages, the more likely it is to be ranked.
Customers lose faith in a company quickly if its website isn't safe enough to keep hackers from getting into it and getting their personal information. Creating a new website gives you the chance to make your site more secure and tell your customers about the new security measures.
Businesses often know that their website needs to be changed, but they put it off because it will take a lot of time and money. One way to get over the initial skepticism is to set performance goals for the new website and figure out how to figure out how much money you spent on the website will pay off (ROI). Marketing teams might be surprised at how quickly the company can pay back its website development costs and start making more money.

The following are 10 signs that it's time for a new website or a new website redesign.
It's possible that you have thought for a while that your company's website needs to be changed, but you couldn't explain why or justify the cost to the finance department. At Marcel Digital, we think your business should seriously think about getting a new website if it has had problems with one or more of the things that are shown below.

Leads and sales are going down.
This one should be obvious, since the whole point of having a business website is to attract people who want to buy your products and then make a purchase. A steady drop in leads and sales is a sign of bigger problems. Even though your company should look into the specific reasons for the decline, such as slow page loads or outdated content, the fact that leads and sales are going down is enough to make your company start over with a new site.

Visitors aren't interested.
Making blog posts, videos, and graphs and having no one read or look at them is disappointing. However, it may be the website itself that doesn't make people want to interact with it, not the content itself.

Because the pages don't load quickly
People expect to find the information they need right away when they go to a site. Having to wait more than a few seconds for website pages to load naturally leads to people leaving the website and going to another one.

Out-of-date Web Design
When people give feedback about business websites, complaints about the design are more important than anything else. You need to think about how quickly people judge the look of a website when they visit it. Sites that are busy or look like they have been around for more than a few years don't get second chances.

Branding that doesn't match
It's important to keep brand images and messages in line when businesses redesign their websites, which we talked about above. If your website logo and design are very different from your print materials and in-person displays, customers may be confused. As a result, when people see symbols and messages that represent your company, they know what they mean and who your company is.

There are very few or no search engine rankings.
Most people start their online experience with a search engine, and three-quarters don't look past the first page of results. You should be worried about your company's ranking when you know this. The launch of a new website is a good time to come up with new paid and organic SEO strategies that move your company website to the top of search engine results pages (SERPs).

Broken parts of the site
People get angry when they go to a website and find broken links, missing images, and buttons that don't lead them to anything when they click on them. If your website has broken elements, not only will this hurt your company's reputation, but it will also hurt your SEO. Even though all businesses should fix broken parts of their websites, some websites don't have the infrastructure to make changes. That is a sure sign that the time has come for the website to be changed.

You have a different experience with each device.
There has been a big change in the way people search for things online in the last few years. People now use their phones and tablets more than laptops and PCs to look for things online. In this case, people will understandably be angry if they can't get to your business's website on a mobile device or if the website itself takes too long to find what you want. Today, any business that has a website needs to make it more or less mobile-friendly.

You're Growing
A business that outgrows its website is having a good problem, but the problem still needs to be solved. To make sure that the new website can keep up with customer needs, the company should try to grow.

Out-of-date or Non-existant CMS
A content management system makes it easy for businesses to add, delete, or change content from one place. Without it, businesses would have to change the codes on their own or hire a website developer to do it. A content management system also makes it easy to move content around to show what is most important at the moment. This is another benefit of having a content management system. There may be a time-limited deal your company wants to promote. Doing that and then getting rid of it is easy with this tool.

The next steps
In order to figure out whether or not you need to make changes to your website, look at the above list with your team. By looking at data like Google Analytics, you'll be able to come up with ideas for a better overall user experience right away. You may even be able to save money by not having to redesign or build a new site. You can get a free consultation with one of our specialist