An SEO audit is a great tool, If you use it right.


Imagine that you've made the best website ever, but no one can find you on the internet. It has beautiful images and text that explains your company's values and sells your products, but no one can find you. In the past few years, most businesses that sell things online have heard of or come across the term "Search Engine Optimization," which is what helps a website be more visible and perform better when people search for it.

Yet, many people who already have websites that don't work don't think about doing an SEO audit. When used correctly, this powerful tool can help you find problems with your website and suggest how to fix them.

This blog explains why an SEO audit is important, what an SEO audit is, and why hiring SEO experts is a good idea.

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For what reason does an SEO audit happen, and how does it work?
An SEO audit is a way to look at things on a website that affect how well it does in organic searches. It's the first step in making a plan to improve your search engine page rankings and Google traffic. SEO audits give valuable information about a website's performance, the structure and topics of individual pages, and how many people are visiting.

In the world of internet marketing, Neil Patel calls this "a report card for your site's Googleability." A good SEO audit should look at a website's:

The quality of the backlinks and referring pages that point to your website now.
On the page, things like title tags and meta tags are important.
Conversion opportunities and things that make it hard for people to use your site should be looked at.

Crawl waste and crawl money
crawl budget is how many pages a search engine can and wants to crawl on a site at once. This is based on the search engine's crawl rate limit and the amount of traffic it gets. There is a lot of waste when search engines can't crawl a website quickly, which hurts a site's SEO.

When you have an SEO audit, you will learn why it is important.
An SEO audit is a little like having a check-up for your website's health every year. The goal of an audit is to find things that could hurt your website's search engine rankings. Using a good SEO audit tool, like Google Search Console, can help you find out:

SEO issues that are both technical and on-page are talked about.
Website structure is a problem.
Off-site problems could happen.
The user experience is a problem.
Opportunities and gaps in the content
Competitive market knowledge
When a website is alive, its strategy needs to change with it. Without regular SEO audits, you won't be able to get the right organic traffic or know if your marketing efforts are having an impact on your business. It helps you keep your website strategy up to date, find mistakes, and get back lost traffic.

Creating an SEO plan
Auditing your SEO strategy on a regular basis is necessary to keep it up to date. Good SEO audits let businesses know what's going on in the industry so they can change their content strategies to keep and get more traffic. When people search for something on a website, search engines know that the best ones give them what they want.

So, if you want to be accessible, relevant, and easy to find on the internet, you need to make your website and marketing content more search engine friendly and easy to find. It doesn't matter if you work with an outside company or a person in your own company to improve your SEO.

A good SEO strategy is based on keyword rankings and research, backlink analysis, a good website design, and useful content. This is how it works: This helps build trust and credibility in the brand, which are important for increasing leads and moving people down the marketing funnel.

It's important to make your SEO better.
SEO has changed a lot in the last few years. Search engines, like Google, make hundreds of changes to their algorithms every year. So, what works now may not work next year.

Search engines like to put good websites at the top of the list. With an SEO audit, your SEO will be looked at to see how it affects your website's users. People who visit your site can then help you figure out which strategies will both help you rise in the search rankings and make them happy.

Good SEO for your website should be all about giving your users the best experience possible, then getting better search engine results. When you pay attention to the experience of your website's visitors, you won't have to keep looking over every single detail of your SEO all the time.

In the wake of a new Google update.
Google makes changes to its algorithms several times a year. "The Page Experience Update" came out in June 2021, and it was meant to improve the user experience by focusing on pages that offer a good experience.

If you haven't made any big changes to your site but suddenly lose a lot of traffic, major updates can have a big impact on organic search results and make or break your Google rankings.

When Google makes a big change, you need to make sure your web pages are meeting the new ranking factors. Google gives more weight to websites that load and show up correctly on Chrome and other search engines, like Bing, Firefox, and so on. This is how it works now.

In the event of a sudden drop in positions and traffic,
A sudden drop in search traffic could be caused by many different things. After a Google update, it could be because of a shift in demand or because of a server overload or because competitors are getting better.

Implementing changes to the website can also affect how well it performs. Most of the time, how pages are made affects how long they take to load and how quickly they work. Sometimes, after moving a website, not all of the elements are the same. An inbound link structure that isn't right could make it hard for some images to load or make it hard for 301 redirects to be properly mapped out

Google Analytics and Google Page Speed Insights should be used often to keep an eye on traffic changes and to look for specific problems on your site.

SEO audit: what is it?
SEO audits look at things that affect how well a website can show up on search engine results pages. These include on- and off-page SEO, as well as technical SEO performance, and they all work together.

The technical SEO audit.
A technical SEO audit looks at a website's technical aspects, such as on-page elements, URL structure, website structure, and indexability, among other things. It is often done before backlink and content audits because it focuses on fixing problems that stop search engines from indexing or creating your site the way you want them to do. In a technical SEO audit, you'll look at things like:

Pages that don't work well on a phone
Websites that take too long to load
Structured data items that don't work
The backlink profile
Metadata is the problem (missing title tag and meta descriptions)
The H1 tag is not working right.
These are pages that are not found by Google.
Links that don't work
In this case, the page was not found.
The uncompressed code
If you want to get ahead of the competition, don't do anything with a black hat. SEO techniques that don't follow Google's rules will get you a Google penalty. When this happens, a website might not show up in search engine results, or it might even be removed from the search engine.

An on-page SEO audit is what you need to do.
An on-page SEO audit looks at a website's content that can be found by search engines like Google. This type of analysis shows which web and landing pages are getting the most organic traffic, and which pages need to be changed or removed if they have the same content. A lot of attention is paid to how well each piece of your website's content reaches your target audience and improve your website's traffic.

On-page SEO audits are not the same as content audits. An on-page SEO audit looks at the quality of a website's content, while an inventory audit looks at a company's existing content assets, like blog posts, videos, and any other content marketing materials that have been used to get leads.

To know what to expect from an audit, read this:
As the size of your website grows, the time it takes for an SEO audit to be done can range from 2 to 6 weeks. For example, a simple website with only a few external links will take less time than a large eCommerce platform with a lot of products and pages inside.

At Comrade Web, when a company comes to us, we do a full audit that does the following:

Measure how quickly your website loads.
Take a look at all the backlinks.
Analyze how the search engines are ranking now (SERPs)
Take a look at your web design.
If you want to find out how many people go to your site and buy things,
Check the quality of your website's content. This is part of a 20-point SEO performance checklist. Once we have a clear picture of your SEO content strategy, we suggest several ways to improve it. As a top digital marketing company, we show all of our clients the full picture of their current situation and what they can expect in the future when they work with us. In order to keep our clients well-informed, we don't take shortcuts and explain every step of the process. This way, they know why we do what we do and why it will work.

It is the first step in all digital marketing to have an SEO audit. Optimizing the site's architecture or doing a site audit are two things that need to be done first to make sure SEO best practices are followed and digital marketing campaigns are a hit.

Is it possible for me to do an SEO audit on my own, or should I hire someone?
It's true that as a business owner, you have tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs that can help you do an SEO audit of your site. However, there are many reasons to hire a professional SEO expert. They know how to do it right, and they can help you improve your SEO efforts.

What do you need to do after you've done an SEO audit? And do you have the time and skills to fix broken pages and change your meta description, among many other things, to improve your site's organic search rankings?

As it is, 61% of marketers say that SEO efforts and increasing their organic presence are their top marketing priority. So, it makes sense to hire a professional because they're focused on SEO, unlike business owners, who might be more interested in other things, like making their business more money. The same way that most people hire mechanics to fix their cars, most successful businesses get help with their search engine optimization (SEO).
It's a good idea to work on your website to improve your business. Isn't that easy?
It's a good idea to work on your website to improve your business. Isn't that easy?
Let us show you how it's done.

To keep your website at the top of search engine results, it's important to do a site audit on a regular basis to look for broken internal links, duplicate content, inactive content publishing, and off-site SEO that makes users unhappy.

When you improve the health of your website, you improve its performance. When you work with Comrade Web, we give you a free SEO service for your business. If you work with us, you can expect a 2.5x increase in organic traffic on average. There's no reason not to start your SEO audit today.